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Rare Whiskey Raffle Rules! 

Our next Rare Whiskey Raffle will be in late December 2023 (Date TBD)!  


How it Works:

ALL purchases of our Store Picks earn a Raffle Ticket for the Rare Whiskey Raffle! 🥳  You can accrue as many Raffle Tickets as you like by purchasing multiple Store Picks!  The more Raffle Tickets you earn, the higher your chance will be to Win!


Check out all of our Store Picks that we currently have available for Free Sampling 🥃 and Purchase at the link below! (Bourbon, Rye, Rum, Tequila, American Whiskey, Scotch, and more!)




The Winners will be chosen at Random and we will contact them by phone to select a bottle of their choice  to Purchase from the list below.  The selected item must be purchased within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 weeks) before it is passed on to another person!


The Winners will have their Raffle Tickets removed from the Raffle Box if they choose to Purchase a Rare Whiskey Raffle Item.  They may also decline to Purchase a Rare Whiskey Item in order to keep their Raffle Tickets inside the Raffle Box for the Next Raffle instead. 🤙


Cheers and Good Luck!!


Below is the Rare Whiskey Raffle Prize List from our last Raffle on July 31st, 2023!  

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